Brilliance N Beauty founders, Pam Engstrom and Wendy Salyers first met while working in the home furnishings industry years ago. Their backgrounds in both corporate business, advertising, home fashion, and manufacturing took them all around the world. They found a common thread discovering unique products while listening to the stories of the women business owners behind them. It was those amazing stories that inspired Pam and Wendy to envision an online marketplace where shoppers could discover, learn about, and purchase these, product via a fun and engaging product video format. At the same time giving these inspiring women a platform to help build their own brand.

Brilliance N Beauty was developed from Pam and Wendy’s love of shopping and knowledge of what successful, busy, hard working women –like themselves—want and need: an engaging, inspiring, easy to use internet shopping experience with a broad selection of lifestyle, beauty, fashion, fitness, travel and home decor products. Brilliance N Beauty is the brainchild of two women entrepreneurs, combining their life experiences as working moms, wives and business owners to create a community of fellow badass accomplished women through a modern, fresh approach to shopping with a sense of community.

These two women to watch bring their expertise and business knowledge to you. They believe that  It’s the connection to and promotion of women entrepreneurs that is truly the Brilliance in Brilliance N Beauty. They promise you never have to choose between being Brilliant or Beautiful.