Keep Your Phone Protected with ugo!

Keep Your Phone Protected with ugo!

The time has FINALLY come- where fashion, function, and technology have all combined into one! Protect your phone with ugo’s first 100% waterproof phone dry bag. The ugo Sport Dry Bag comes in a variety of colors to be sure to compliment you at any time of day. This state-of-the-art waterproof phone case allows you to talk, text and take photos safely while you may be enjoying yourself at the beach after a long, busy work week.  

On top of ugo protecting your phone, it also protects all your other most prized possessions like your keys, jewelry, credit cards, ID/passport, medication and more. Ugo’s dry bags are made of waterproof thermoplastic polyurethane fabric and have been designed to a standard of perfection when it comes to its durability.

The ugo sport dry bags fits all sized iPhones, included iPhone Plus phones, as well as the Samsung 7 Edge and Note5! It also encompasses interior storage with zippers and slits to ensure all your essential items are close at hand.

Get your ugo Sport Dry Bag today on our website,, and shop more of our amazing products for travel, business, beauty and more!

Check out the inside of the ugo Sport Dry Bag!


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